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The Messermeister leather sheath for the Overland chef's knife is specially made so that you can hang this outdoor chef's knife as comfortably as possible on your belt or safely store it in your backpack. This high-quality sheath is made of high-quality black leather and is produced in the Netherlands. The knife is held firmly in place by a loop with a press stud, so that your knife always remains safe in the leather sheath.

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Messermeister - 20 cm long leather sheath for the Overland chef's knife

Messermeister - 20 cm long leather sheath for the Overland chef's knife

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Brand Messermeister
Model Parer
Warranty 1 year
Material Learn
Color Black
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 3.0
Amount 1

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About Messermeister

Founded in 1981 by Bernd Dressler, Messermeister is a leading manufacturer of handcrafted premium chef's knives, kitchen cutlery and cookware, the brand of choice for everyone from professional chefs to home cooks. The California-based, woman-owned company with roots in Germany is committed to providing durable, high-quality chef's knives, kitchen accessories and award-winning culinary tools by scouring the world for the finest quality manufacturing and looking for value .
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