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Knives come in different shapes and sizes, from functional military knives to artful chef's knives. Due to the different types of knives out there, it is important to choose the right knife for the job it is being used for. On this page you will find information about the different types of knives, including the features and benefits of each type of knife. We also inform you about the different materials from which knives can be made, as well as the different ways in which knives can be used. Whether you're looking for a knife that's right for your kitchen, or an artful knife to collect, here's the information you need to choose the right knife.

If you're looking for the right knife, it's important to know what options there are. There are many different types of knives that all have different properties. There are knives with different blade lengths, blade styles, handles, treatments and materials. When choosing the right knife, it is important to consider the different options and choose what best suits your needs.

How do you choose the right knife?

Knives can be used for many purposes. You have knives that are ideal for the professional chef, but also graceful knives that become the eye-catcher in the kitchen of a hobby chef. Our kitchen knives are intended for tasks such as cutting vegetables, boning meat, chopping herbs, and so on. KookGiant has a wide range of kitchen knives, thanks to the versatility and different options you can choose the perfect knife for every task.

We'll start with the chef's knife . It is a large, all-round knife used for cutting and chopping vegetables, meat, fish and herbs. It is a very versatile knife and therefore forms a good basis for any kitchen. The chef's knife is very easy to use due to its round cutting edge and is one of the most used knives in the kitchen.

Next there is the smaller santoku knife . It has a curved blade with a straight cutting edge, making it perfect for slicing small pieces of meat and vegetables in a chopping or pulling motion. It is also a versatile knife and is often used in Japanese kitchens.

Just like the Santoku and the chef's knife, the Kiritsuke is a knife that can be used for multiple cutting tasks. The blade of a Kiritsuke is between that of a Nakiri and a meat or fish knife. The blade starts out rectangular, just like the Nakiri, but gradually becomes sharper towards a sharp point. Again, the steel makes the knife truly unique. The many layers of steel create a pattern with wavy lines.

The Nakiri is the Japanese vegetable knife. This knife is very suitable for wafer-thin cutting of vegetables. A Nakiri can be recognized by the rectangular blade without a point. In Japan, this traditional knife is very popular for cutting all kinds of vegetables. This is because a Nakiri knife is sharpened on both sides and almost everyone can handle this knife well.

Then there's the bread knife . It has a long, straight blade that is perfect for slicing bread. It also has a concave bottom, which makes it perfect for slicing soft, thin slices of bread. Most bread knives have a ribbed cutting edge, so you don't have to use much force when cutting bread and your bread will not 'dent'.

Another commonly used knife is the meat cleaver . It has a long, straight blade that is perfect for slicing meat. It also has a sharp point, making it easy to get into tougher cuts of meat.

The last knife commonly used in the kitchen is the paring knife . It has a short, flat blade with a sharp edge. It is used to peel potatoes, vegetables, fruits and other lumps. Because the blade is smaller than, for example, a chef's knife, you can peel vegetables or fruit with extreme precision.

Premium quality knives

If you are looking for a knife, it is important to keep in mind that knives have different price ranges. Knives can be found in both budget-friendly and premium price ranges. Budget-friendly knives are usually made of less durable materials and have a shorter lifespan than premium quality knives. Knives can be made of different types of steel, one type of steel is harder than the other. The harder the type of steel, the sharper the blade is and the longer the blade will last.

If you are looking for a knife that will last for years, choose a premium quality knife. The materials from which a knife is made determine whether a knife is of premium quality. Consider, for example, a Japanese Damascus steel blade and handles made of wood or epoxy. Damascus steel is an extremely hard type of steel, so a knife can be sharpened at an extremely sharp angle, the knife retains its sharpness longer and therefore lasts for years.

Take a look at our premium quality Japanese Damascus knives , maybe the Micarta Jewels - Damascus Chef's Knife of 20 cm with wooden handle or the Mother of Pearl Jewels - Damascus Chef's Knife of 20 cm is something for you.

Discount knives

A knife cuts a lot finer if you bought it with a discount. At KookGigant we regularly have fun and varying promotions . Do you want to buy knives with a discount? Then take a look at our webshop. With us you will find knives with a 20% , 30% and even a 60% discount .

More than just knives

At KookGigant you will find more than just a wide range of kitchen knives. We also have everything to properly maintain your knives . Think of the right cutting boards , knife sharpeners and knife blocks to neatly store your knives. Like Shinrai's two-sided sharpening stone . This ensures that you keep your knives sharp.

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