Vegetable knives

A sharp vegetable knife is indispensable in the kitchen. Whether you eat vegetables as a side dish or cook delicious vegan. Cutting vegetables should be easy, fast and simple. That's why it's important that your vegetable knife is sharp. Nothing is more annoying than cutting vegetables with a dull knife. You probably recognize it when you are cutting an onion or tomato. Instead of your knife sliding smoothly through the vegetables while cutting, the knife slides towards your fingers. This is not only annoying, but it is also dangerous. Therefore, make sure that your vegetable knife is always sharp. The cooking giant vegetable knives stay sharp for a long time, are sturdy and make cutting vegetables very easy. View our range below.

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Different types of vegetable knives

The vegetable knife is used for cutting vegetables. Both small and large vegetable knives are used in the kitchen, each with its own function. The small version includes the paring knife and utility knife. A small vegetable knife is especially suitable for peeling vegetables by hand. Peeling an apple or potato is then a piece of cake with a utility knife. A large vegetable knife, on the other hand, is ideal for cutting larger vegetables. Think of a Japanese vegetable knife . You can effortlessly cut vegetables from large to super fine. Finally, there are several knives suitable for cutting vegetables in Japanese cuisine. The most famous example of this is the Nakiri , but also the Kiritsuke and Santoku .

The blade of a vegetable knife

Vegetable knives are often lighter and shorter than other knives and often have a thin and razor-sharp blade. Vegetable knives are available in different versions, which means that the properties of the knife differ.

  • "The normal" vegetable knife - This knife has the appearance of a general purpose chef's knife , but is often slightly shorter. This knife is suitable for cutting various fruits and vegetables.
  • Nakiri Knife – This is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife that is very popular in Japanese home cooking. The knife is perfect for wafer-thin cutting of fruit and vegetables.
  • Cleaver – This is a large and strong knife. The knife is suitable for cutting strong fruit and vegetables such as pumpkin, cabbage or watermelon. In addition, it is suitable for chopping garlic and onion.

Cutting vegetables with a Japanese vegetable knife

As you have read, there are several Japanese vegetable knives. Below we tell you a little more about each knife.

Nakiri knives

A Nakiri knife is a rectangular vegetable knife that is known for its excellent cutting properties. With this knife you can very accurately cut thin slices of all vegetables. This Japanese vegetable knife owes this unique feature to a lightweight blade that is super sharp. View all Nakiri knives here. 

Kiritsuke knives

A Kiritsuke knife has the properties of a vegetable and meat knife. The blade starts rectangular and gradually ends in a point. The starting part of the blade (as seen from the handle) is perfect for cutting vegetables. The front part, on the other hand, is very suitable for cutting meat into pieces or slices. View all Kiritsuke knives here .

Santoku knives

A Santoku knife is the true all-rounder of Japanese cuisine. In addition to vegetables, you can also finely chop meat and fish with this knife. So are you looking for a vegetable knife that can also serve as a chef's knife? Then get a Santoku knife at home. You won't regret that. View all Santoku knives here .

What kind of steel is a Japanese vegetable knife made of?

A Japanese vegetable knife is made of different types of metal. For example, stainless steel (stainless steel), damask steel or damask print. Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used types of steel, from which vegetable knives are made. This is a sturdy type of steel that ensures that the manure remains strong and sharp. And so you can continue to cut your vegetables with ease.

In addition to stainless steel, knives are also made of damask steel. Especially authentic Japanese vegetable knives are made of this type of steel. This steel is a lot harder than a European type of steel. This is because the damask steel knives are made from no fewer than 67 layers of steel. This amount is necessary to create the hardness of the steel. These knives are also known for this. Because of this hardness, the knife can be sharpened at a sharper sharpening angle, namely 15 degrees. Compared to a sharpening angle of 20 degrees with a European knife. A sharper cutting angle means that the knife is sharper and this makes a Japanese vegetable knife made of damask steel many times sharper, making it easier to finely chop your vegetables. A Japanese vegetable knife made of damask steel not only cuts finely, they also look spectacular due to the fantastic patterns. These patterns are created during the forging of several layers of steel. Each knife has its own pattern and is therefore unique!

Which vegetable knife are you going to buy?

At De KookGigant, the specialist in the field of quality kitchen tools, we have many different vegetable knives in our range. We think cooking pleasure is extremely important. That you can prepare every meal cheerfully and relaxed with good knives. But this cooking pleasure already starts with us online, when you purchase your knives. Service comes first for us and we are happy to think along with you. Whatever cooking wishes you have, we are happy to take on the challenge of finding a suitable knife for you.

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