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Knife set

Are you looking for several knives at the same time? Then consider a knife set. With this you always have the right knife at hand. A knife set always contains the knives that a hobby or home cook should have. All from the same series. Moreover, it is cheaper to purchase a knife set than to buy each knife separately. At KookGigant we have different knife sets in our range. From small to extensive sets. With or without knife block. In- or exclusive scissors. You read it already, the offer varies enormously. View all knife sets below.

Buying a knife set versus individual knives

Do you want to purchase several knives at the same time? Then it is cheaper to buy a complete knife set than to buy each kitchen knife separately. When purchasing a complete knife set, you can be sure that you always have the right kitchen knife at hand.

KookGiant offers many different knife sets with many different types of kitchen knives, from chef's knives to Santoku knives. But which knife set is right for you? When looking for a knife set, it is important that you know what you can use the various knives for. That is why we have listed the knives and their function below for you:

- Chef's knife

The chef's knife is the most commonly used kitchen knife in every kitchen. It is seen as a 'normal' knife. A chef's knife is suitable for any cutting task. The tip of a chef's knife is always convex, so you can use the 'cradle' cutting technique.

- Carving knife

A carving knife , also known as a slicing knife, is a kitchen knife specially designed for slicing (carving) meat. The blade of a carving knife is narrower than that of a chef's knife, so you can effortlessly cut through a large piece of meat in one stroke.

- Kiritsuke

The Kiritsuke knife is the favorite knife of many Japanese chefs. The knife is perfect for general purposes: cutting vegetables, meat and fish.

- Nakiri

A Nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. The knife is perfect for wafer-thin cutting of vegetables. A Nakiri knife has a rectangular blade with a rounded tip.

- Santoku

The Santoku knife is also known as the Japanese chef's knife. The Santoku knife is suitable for cutting, chopping and carving meat, fish and vegetables. The cutting edge of a Santoku knife is straight, so a pulling (pull cut) or chopping movement (push cut) while cutting is ideal.

- Boning knife

A boning knife is especially suitable for easily cutting bones from pieces of meat.

- Office knife

An office knife is a small all-rounder in the kitchen that is especially suitable for finer cutting.

- Paring knife

A peeling knife, also known as a paring knife or vegetable knife, is especially suitable, you guessed it, for peeling fruit and vegetables.

Which knives in a knife set?

Select a complete knife set

If you are looking for a complete quality knife set, it is important to consider a number of things. Are the kitchen knives from the knife set suitable for all cutting tasks in the kitchen? Do the knives last a long time? In the headings below we explain how you can find a suitable knife set.

Basics of a knife set

When you purchase a complete knife set, you naturally do not want to buy extra kitchen knives afterwards. You can assume that the knives from the knife set are suitable for all cutting tasks that you use every day when preparing your meals. The basis of a knife set consists of a large chef's knife , usually 20 cm, which is suitable for almost any cutting task, and smaller knives. Think of a paring knife or an office knife. These are suitable for more precise cutting and peeling work.

Knife set for vegetables

Do you eat a lot of vegetables? Then a Santoku or a Nakiri is a nice addition. For example, the Hammered Stainless Steel 6-piece Knife Set and the Epoxy Sapphire 6-piece Damascus Knife Set have both a Santoku and a Nakiri. Just like the chef's knife, the Santoku is suitable for almost all cutting tasks, but there is a different cutting technique involved. With a Santoku knife, for example, you can slice a carrot or cucumber very quickly. A Nakiri is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. There is no better kitchen knife for wafer-thin cutting of vegetables.

Knife set for meat

Do you like to eat meat? Then a carving knife and a boning knife are a good addition to your knife set. The Micarta Jewels 7-piece Damascus Knife Set, for example, has a boning knife and a carving knife, and the Damast Pakka Wood 6-piece Damascus Knife Set also has a beautiful 20 cm carving knife. A carving knife is very suitable for slicing large pieces of meat. With a boning knife, for example, you can easily cut a chicken leg from a whole chicken. Do you want to feel like a real Japanese star chef? Then a Kiritsuke is really something for you!

Knife set that lasts a long time

How long a knife set lasts mainly depends on the type of steel the kitchen knives are made of. Japanese kitchen knives are made of damask steel. This type of steel is extremely hard, so kitchen knives from a Japanese knife set stay sharp longer. Below you can read everything about a Japanese knife set.

Japanese knife set

Japanese knife sets are very popular and for good reason. Japanese knives are made of Damascus steel. This type of steel has a high hardness. A Damascus knife set is seen as the cream of the crop among knife sets. Due to the high hardness, a knife from a Japanese knife set can be sharpened at an extra sharp angle. This makes a Japanese knife really razor sharp. The high hardness also ensures that the blade is made thinner. The thin blade in combination with the light weight of the kitchen knife ensures more ease of cutting and precision. Moreover, due to the high hardness, the knife also stays sharp for longer. Japanese knife sets can be recognized by the graceful patterns in the blade. The Hammered Damast BR 5-piece Knife Set and the Classic Damast Black 5-piece Damascus Knife Set are one of the many CookGiant knife sets that are made of 67 layers of Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel with a hardness of 61 HRC!

Knife set with block

Combine your new knife set with a knife block or matching knife holder . This way you can immediately store your new knife set in a safe and stylish way. You also benefit from substantial discounts with a knife set + knife block combi deal .

Chef's knives set

A chef's knife is the basis of every knife set. With this all-rounder you can really cut all ingredients into small pieces. A chef's knife is therefore a must-have in every knife set. There are even knife sets with all different chef's knives. With a chef's knife set you can therefore choose to use a different chef's knife every day. For example, choose the Special Edition - Four Epoxy Jewels - chef's knife set from Shinrai Japan, so you always have a beautiful chef's knife at hand.

Give a knife set as a gift

Do your parents have a new kitchen? Or is your sister leaving home? We have the ideal gift idea for you: give a real Japanese knife set as a gift. You don't just give them a super handy and functional gift. The KookGigant knives also look stunning. In addition, a KookGiant knife set always comes in a beautiful premium gift box. A party to unpack!

How do you maintain a knife set?

To maintain the quality of your knife set, we recommend that you clean the knives by hand. Do this with warm water and a mild detergent. Then dry them well and put them back in your kitchen drawer.

If you place your new knife set loose in the kitchen drawer, they can easily be damaged. A handy knife block or beautiful knife holder can prevent this. Your new knife set in combination with a beautiful knife holder is a real eye-catcher in the kitchen. Moreover, with the combi deal you benefit from a substantial discount on the knife block or knife holder. Click here and view all combi deals.

In addition to cleaning and safely storing the knife set, it is important to sharpen the knife regularly. This ensures that the knife stays in top condition and lasts longer. The kitchen knives are easy to sharpen with our knife sharpeners . Also read our blog about how to sharpen your Japanese knives yourself.