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From hobby chef to professional, a good chef's knife is the basis of every chef's equipment. It is often even the first knife in a knife set. This is because you can really cut anything with a chef's knife. From meat to fish and from vegetables to herbs. You can recognize a chef's knife by its pointed shape, which makes the 'cracking' cutting technique very popular with this knife. Do you already have this must-have in your kitchen drawer? View all chef's knives from KookGiant below.

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Chef's knife, the all-purpose cutter from your kitchen

A chef's knife is a real all-purpose cutter. Fish, meat or vegetables. It doesn't matter what you have on your cutting board, with a good chef's knife you can cut everything into the desired sizes in no time. The chef's knife owes its versatility to its appearance. This knife has a blade (the part of a knife that you use to cut) that slowly tapers into a point, creating a bulge. And that is very useful when 'cracking'. This cutting technique means that the knife does not come off the cutting board while cutting. This makes it very easy to finely chop herbs and spices. In short, a chef's knife is really an all-purpose cutter.

Buying a good chef's knife, what do you pay attention to?

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur chef in your own kitchen; a good chef's knife is indispensable. What do you pay attention to when you buy a chef's knife? Chef's knives are available in many different shapes and sizes. They vary from about 35 to 15 centimeters, are made of various types of steel and each chef's knife has a different hardness. All those options can make it quite complicated for you to buy a good chef's knife. Our advice is: look at what you like to cut with. Is that a somewhat larger chef's knife that is a bit heavier in the hand? Then choose, for example, the Special Edition - Diamond Epoxy Jewels - Chef's knife of 23 cm . Or do you prefer a slightly smaller, more handy chef's knife? Then we can recommend the Magnolia Wood Series - 18 cm chef's knife.

The advantages of a Japanese chef's knife

The hardness, thickness and material of the blade differs per chef's knife. Take a Japanese chef's knife . The blade of this type of chef's knife is thinner. This is because a Japanese chef's knife is made of Damascus steel (Damascus steel). A harder type of steel (read more about this type of steel below). The biggest advantage of Damascus steel is that it can be sharpened sharper (15 degrees) than, for example, the steel used in a European knife. A Japanese chef's knife is therefore a lot sharper than a European chef's knife. And it also stays sharp longer! This allows you as a chef to easily cut all the ingredients for a delicious meal night after night.

Damascus chef's knife

A Japanese chef's knife with Damascus steel is also called a Damascus chef's knife. This is of course due to the type of steel the knife is made of: Damascus steel (Damask state). This type of steel consists of several layers that are forged on top of each other. You can immediately recognize a Damascus chef's knife by its wavy patterns. At the KookGigant we have various chef's knives made of Damascus steel and Damascus print in our range. Like the 20 cm Japanese Damascus Print Series chef's knife . Would you like to know more about Damascus steel? Then read our blog: Read more about Damask steel here:

You can buy the best chef's knife at KookGigant

At KookGigant we regularly get the question, what is the best chef's knife? That of course depends on what you like, but we can tell you what the most popular chef's knife is for every chef. That is one with a blade of about 20 cm. Are you more than a hobby cook? Then we recommend a slightly longer and heavier chef's knife. The best chef's knife for the professional chef at home is the Hammered Stainless Steel Black Series - 20 cm chef's knife.

Stay sharp, sharpen chef's knife

Have you found the best chef's knife? Then of course you want it to stay razor sharp. A chef's knife can lose its sharpness over time. Especially if you use the chef's knife a lot. By sharpening the chef's knife and maintaining it well, it stays sharp. In addition, with a Japanese chef's knife it is important that you maintain an angle of 15 degrees. You can easily do this with a KookGiant sharpening stone. Do you want to know more about how to sharpen a chef's knife? Watch a handy instructional video here or read our blog how to sharpen your knives .

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