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    Bread knives

    You cut bread with a bread knife, of course, but you can also cut cake or pie with a bread knife. Did you know that you can easily cut through hard vegetables and fruit because of the serrations of a bread knife? Thanks to the serrations of a bread knife, you don't have to use as much force while cutting. This way your fresh loaves keep their shape and it is also much safer! View our range of bread knives.

    Do you want to buy a good bread knife?

    What actually makes a bread knife good? When buying a bread knife, a number of aspects determine whether a bread knife is good or not. First of all, the length of the blade. A good bread knife is usually between 20 and 30 cm long, the longer the blade, the fewer movements you have to make while cutting. The serrations on the blade also determine the quality of a bread knife. The sharper the serration, the easier it is to cut a loaf of bread in half.

    Furthermore, the material of the handle and blade is an important factor. The material of the handle determines the quality. Does the handle quickly lose its color or is it easily damaged? Then the quality is unfortunately not good. A wooden handle remains beautiful, provided you maintain it properly. for example, it is very important that you dry the handle completely before you put your bread knife away again. A plastic handle requires less maintenance. For example, no water can penetrate a plastic handle, so that it retains its color longer. The material of the blade determines how sharp the bread knife can be sharpened and how long the bread knife stays sharp. The harder the type of steel used for the blade, the sharper it can be sharpened. Below you can read more about the blade of a bread knife.

    The blade of a bread knife

    The blade of a bread knife can always be recognized by its serrations. The serrations ensure that you cut smoothly through a fresh piece of bread and the serrations prevent the bread from being crushed during cutting. With a long bread knife you can quickly and safely cut open a baguette, which is difficult with a small serrated knife. The blade of a bread knife is 20 to 30 cm long.

    Not only the length, but also the type of steel of the blade can vary. Japanese bread knives have a Damascus steel blade, this type of steel is extremely hard. The big advantage of this is that the bread knife stays sharp longer than, for example, a German bread knife. The Damask steel of the Japanese bread knives can be recognized by the graceful patterns on the blade. For example, the Hammered Damast BR - Damascus Bread Knife 20 cm, the Epoxy Sapphire - Damascus Bread Knife 20 cm, the Nordic Kitchen Bread Knife 24 cm and the Classic Damask Black - Damascus Bread Knife 20 cm have a blade made of Damascus steel.

    Bread knives with different types of serrations

    In addition to the length, materials and quality, bread knives also have different types of serrations.

    • Double serration : The serrations have a difference in height between them, so you don't have to put as much pressure while cutting. Perfectly suited for high-precision cutting. Also ideal for breads with a soft crust, because you don't have to use as much pressure, the bread is not crushed.
    • Negative Cartel : Instead of a pointed cartel, this cartel has a bulge. The tip of the cartel points inwards, hence the name 'negative' cartel. Due to the convexity, loaves and banquets are cut almost without crumbs.
    • Normal Knurl : Knurls all have the same height, the point of the knurl pointing outward. Perfect for everyday use. A bread knife with a normal serration is seen as the all-rounder among the bread knives.

    The KookGigant bread knives have a normal serration, so real all-rounders! Suitable for all types of bread and pastries. With a cooking giant bread knife, you can even effortlessly cut through a large hard piece of fruit or vegetables that you cannot easily cut through with a normal chef's knife. Cutting hard pieces of fruit or vegetables is therefore a lot safer with a bread knife.

    Handle of a bread knife

    A bread knife is generally large and long, so it's nice to have a nice thick handle. The handles of the KookGigant bread knives fit perfectly in the hand, because the handles are made universal. This means that you can grab the handle with both your left and right hand and have a nice firm grip in both cases.

    Some bread knives need extra attention. For example, you can't just put a bread knife that has a wooden handle in the dishwasher. To maintain the quality, it is important to wash the bread knife by hand, use mild detergent for this and dry it thoroughly afterwards. This way your bread knife will always look beautiful.