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Buying a knife block, what do you pay attention to?

If you want to buy a knife block to store your knives safely and organized, here are a few things to look out for:

  • Blade length of the knives : Check whether the knife block is suitable for the size of your knives. Make sure the knife with the longest blade length fits on the knife block.
  • Safety : Pay attention to the safety features of the knife block. Some knife blocks have built-in protection systems to prevent the knives from accidentally falling out of the block or from cutting yourself when picking up a knife from the knife block. Make sure that the knife block is stable and can be placed firmly on the counter.
  • Capacity : Determine in advance how many knives you want to store and then choose a knife block with sufficient capacity. Some knife blocks have slots for a fixed number of knives, while other knife blocks are more flexible and you can store knives of different sizes, lengths and shapes.
  • Maintenance : Consider the ease of maintenance of the knife block. Some knife blocks are easier to clean than others. So check in advance whether the knife block you have in mind is easy to clean. Also make sure that no moisture can accidentally accumulate in it to keep the blades in optimal condition.

Knife block without knives

Do you already have a collection of kitchen knives or even a complete knife set? And do you want to prevent damage to the knives and are you looking for a nice stylish solution. Then a knife block without knives is the perfect solution. At the KookGigant you are at the right place. We have various options for this in our range.

Magnetic knife block

A magnetic knife block offers several advantages because the knife block is equipped with a powerful magnet that ensures that kitchen knives of all shapes and sizes remain firmly in place. This prevents damage and you always have the right knives within reach in a stylish way. This makes purchasing a magnetic knife block a smart choice for any kitchen.
As a passionate chef, you may have or want a special knife set in your kitchen, such as a Japanese knife set, with its beautiful Damask steel blade and graceful handle. Such a set deserves to be exhibited and to be a real eye-catcher in your kitchen. For example, combine your Japanese knife set with the Stylish Magnetic Knife Holder that really gives your kitchen an upgrade!
The stylish magnetic knife holder easily fits 6 to 8 large kitchen knives. This is more than enough for everyday cutting tasks in the kitchen. It is therefore important that you consider in advance how many knives you want to store on the knife block.

Wooden knife block

A knife block made of wood is extremely popular due to its beautiful appearance. This is because a wooden knife block often matches very well with Japanese kitchen knives. These knives have different wood tones in the handles. This makes it a beautiful whole and you create a real eye-catcher on your countertop. Do you have kitchen knives with a classic black handle? Don't worry, this type of kitchen knife also combines well with a wooden knife block.

Universal knife block

With a universal knife block, it simply doesn't matter which kitchen knives you use. All knives can be used in a universal knife block. A magnetic knife block is a good example of a universal knife block. All knives can be attached to this and the strong magnet keeps all types of kitchen knives firmly in place.