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Cutting boards

Whatever meal you are preparing, a good cutting board is a must in the kitchen. A cutting board is an extension or partner of your chef's knife or knife set . It ensures that your knives can perform optimally. It is important that you choose a cutting board that offers protection for your kitchen and your knives. Several cutting boards are available at KookGigant. From large to small and from wood to plastic. Which cutting board do you choose?

Wooden cutting board

Do you opt for a wooden cutting board? Then you know for sure that you choose durable material and that it is good for your knives. Because wood is a soft material, your knives will become blunt less quickly. In addition, your knives are less likely to get damaged when cutting on a wooden cutting board. Many people indicate that they find a wooden cutting board much more enjoyable to cut compared to a plastic version. A wooden cutting board is not only functional. They also look stylish. Take, for example, the oak cutting board . This one is perfect for carving, but also for serving food. Please note: a wooden cutting board is not suitable for the dishwasher. It is best to clean them by hand, under the tap with warm water and washing-up liquid. After washing, place the cutting board upright so that it dries thoroughly.

No more washing up in between with a cutting board set

A cutting board set consists of several cutting boards in different sizes. As a result, you never have to wash a cutting board while cooking, but you always have enough to cut all your ingredients. Nothing is more annoying than you want to cut another product and you first have to clean your cutting board. This is a thing of the past with a cutting board set.

Cutting boards with colors

Cutting boards with colors are indispensable in a well-organized kitchen . Each cutting board has a different color that represents the cutting of a certain product. This simply prevents cross-pollination of bacteria between products. We see that the colored cutting boards are widely used in kitchens of professional restaurants. In these kitchens, chefs pay a lot of attention to hygiene and these cutting boards are perfect to support that. The colored cutting boards are made of plastic. A big advantage of plastic is that they last longer and you can easily clean them. You simply wash them in the dishwasher.

Why do chefs prefer colored cutting boards? This has to do with the recommendation not to prepare meat, vegetables and fish on the same cutting board. Chefs therefore like to use colored cutting boards to comply with the HACCP guidelines. This is an official certification on how to deal with food safety. Each color is linked to its own product group. See the breakdown below:

  • A red cutting board for preparing raw meat
  • A green cutting board for cutting vegetables
  • A blue cutting board for fish
  • A white cutting board for products consisting of dairy or flour.

At KookGigant we sell cutting boards with color from Joseph & Joseph . They are design products that are also functional. The cutting board set comes with a holder where you can easily store the boards. Each Joseph & Joseph cutting board has a handle on the top with which you can hold the cutting board.

Which cutting board should you buy?

As for cutting boards, there are 2 flavors: colored plastic cutting boards or a wooden cutting board. Both have their pros and cons. Do you cook many different products and do you think hygiene is important? Then a colored cutting board set is perfect for you. Do you use high-quality knives that you prefer to keep sharp? Then choose a cutting board made of oak .

Whatever you choose, KookGigant is the online store for all your cookware. KookGiant has many years of experience in the field of articles that make cooking easier and more fun. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

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