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Absolutely indispensable in every kitchen: good pans! You only put the tastiest dishes on the table if you have a set of suitable pans. At KookGigant we have an extensive collection of absolutely top quality pans that guarantee your great cooking skills. Whether you are a seasoned chef or are just going to live on your own and need a cookware set. We have pans in all shapes, sizes and styles that are suitable for all heat sources. Be inspired and buy new pans today and experience years of cooking pleasure!

Buying pans, what do you pay attention to?

Our pans are made with an eye for craftsmanship, quality and with the most innovative technologies and materials. Do you have a gas stove, induction plate or ceramic hob? Our pans are suitable for all heat sources, so you can cook effortlessly. There is a pan for every cook, every dish and culinary experiment.

Thanks to our wide range of pans, we guarantee that we have something for everyone. Which pans fit best in your kitchen? You can read that below:

  • Casserole : A casserole is used to roast, steam or bake meat, fish, vegetables and potatoes. In addition, a casserole can also be used to prepare sauces, soups or stews.
  • Skillet : A skillet can be used for a wide variety of cooking techniques. From baking and sautéing to even deep-frying. In short, a versatile pan that is suitable for preparing a variety of dishes.
  • Cooking pot : Cooking pots are of course used to cook ingredients, but can also be used to prepare various dishes, such as soups, sauces, stews, rice, pasta, vegetables and more.
  • Saucepan /saucepan : A small, deep pan perfect for cooking sauces or small amounts of food.
  • Wok pan : A wok pan is used to cook food in a style known as 'wok'. This style of cooking involves quickly frying ingredients at high temperatures. Wok pans are ideal for preparing Asian stir-fry dishes.
  • Grill pan : A grill pan is perfect for grilling meats, vegetables and more. With characteristic grill stripes, it adds a delicious taste and texture to your dishes. Ideal for preparing juicy steaks, crunchy vegetables and tasty paninis. Also suitable for vegetarian options such as grilled tofu and halloumi.

In addition, it is important to look at the aspects of a pan that best suit your cooking style. For example, think of:

  • Material : A pan made of cast iron lasts a lifetime, retains its heat longer and uses less energy (on an induction hob). A cast iron pan, on the other hand, is generally very heavy, making it more difficult to use than, for example, a stainless steel or aluminum pan. Aluminum pans are very user-friendly and easy to clean due to their non-stick coating. Stainless steel pans can take a beating and are perfect for frying a steak.
  • Handle : A handle with a good grip is very important. A good handle will of course show off your cooking skills at their best. Choose pans with a heat-resistant handle if you cook on direct fire, so you never burn your hands. Do you also want to be able to put your pans in the oven? Then go for pans with metal handles.
  • Color : A good pan can last for years. It is therefore important that you choose a color that you like and that fits well with your kitchen and cooking style.

Which bottom should my pan have?

There are different types of bottoms you can choose from when purchasing pans. Some common soils are:

  • Single Flat Bottom : This is the most common base for pans. This bottom is flat and smooth, and ensures an even heat distribution during cooking. Flat bottoms are made of the same material as the base of the pan. Think of aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron.
  • Single grill bottom : This bottom is often used with grill pans. The ridges that characterize the grill pan help to create grill stripes and give a characteristic taste to the dish.
  • Copper bottom : Pans with a copper bottom have excellent heat conductive properties. They ensure fast and even heat distribution. This is ideal for precision cooking.
  • Sandwich base : A sandwich base has a multi-layer base construction. This often consists of different materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. It provides good heat distribution and retains heat longer.
  • Induction base : Pans with an induction base are specially designed for induction hobs. These bottoms are usually made of ferromagnetic materials that can absorb the magnetic fields of the induction hob and convert them into heat. In general, pans with an induction base are also suitable for other heat sources.

Buying multiple pans at once?

If you cannot make a choice or want several pans, you can always opt for a pan set. A pan set contains several pans of the same style. This creates unity in your kitchen. You are also assured that you have the right pan for every dish.

Easily order pans at KookGiant

Be inspired and order your pans from KookGiant today and enjoy endless cooking pleasure tomorrow. Do you order your pans on workdays before 10:00 am? Then you still have them at home today!

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