With a cast iron pan you get the one and only kitchen must-have. The cast iron base is a master at retaining heat, allowing you to cook meat, fish and vegetables perfectly. But perhaps most importantly: this pan will last for years. Therefore, invest in a cast iron pan and upgrade your cooking skills! View our wide range of cast iron pans in different sizes, styles and purposes below. They are all suitable for any heat source. Buy your cast iron pan today and enjoy years of cooking pleasure and convenience.

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Buying a cast iron pan, what do you pay attention to? 

A cast iron pan, the name says it all, is made entirely of cast iron. That makes the pan quite heavy, but also very strong. The material ensures that the pan is almost impossible to break. These pans are made for life, if you maintain them properly you can really enjoy them for a long time and even pass them on to the next generation. Cast iron pans come in different shapes and sizes, with or without a lid. Are you looking for a cast iron pan? Then there are a number of important aspects that you can pay attention to, such as the size. Do you opt for a large pan or a bit smaller, but you can often also opt for round or oval and of course many different colors.

Purposes of the cast iron pan

There are many different types of cast iron pans, each with its own function. From baking to roasting and from stir-frying to boiling. Which pans are suitable for what? We explain that below:

  • Casserole : A cast iron casserole is used to roast, steam, bake or boil meat, fish, vegetables and potatoes. In addition, a casserole can also be used to cook sauces and soups.
  • Skillet : A cast iron skillet is used to fry or fry ingredients. It is a versatile pan that is suitable for cooking a variety of dishes. Think, for example, of making omelettes and pancakes to baking meat, fish, potatoes and vegetables.
  • Cooking pot : Almost every pot set contains a cooking pot . Cooking pots are obviously used to cook ingredients, but can also be used to prepare a variety of different dishes, such as soups, sauces, stews, rice, pasta, vegetables and more.
  • Saucepan/Saucepan : A cast iron saucepan is a small, deep pan that is perfect for cooking sauces or small amounts of food.
  • Wok pan : A cast iron wok pan