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Satake's range of frying pans has fantastic features. The frying pans are made of lightweight cast iron with Honeycomb PPG Xylan plus non-stick coating. PPG Xylan Plus Coating is a proprietary non-stick coating that surpasses anything we've tried before.

  • Made of lightweight cast iron with non-stick coating
  • Less oil/fat needed than normal
  • Suitable for all heat sources
  • Dishwasher safe

Provided with a good non-stick coating, no dish will stick in the frying pan anymore. After use, you can immediately put the pans in the dishwasher, which saves a lot of time.

Honeycomb PPG non-stick coating
The frying pan is equipped with a special non-stick coating. This is made of honeycomb PPG which ensures that your food maneuvers smoothly through the pan. Burnt food in the pan is therefore a thing of the past.

Lightweight cast iron
Because the pan is made of lightweight cast iron, you enjoy a long lifespan without noticing this in weight, as with other materials. When cooking for a long time, it is much nicer to work with light pans without irritating your wrists.

Dishwasher suitable
Done cooking? You don't have to wash the pans by hand! Simply place the pans in the dishwasher and let it do the work. This way you save time for more important things. Like the dessert.

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Satake - Frying pan 28 cm non-stick coating

Satake - Frying pan 28 cm non-stick coating

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Brand Satake
Warranty 2 years
Material Cast iron
Handle stainless steel
Color Black
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Height 22.0
Amount 1
Suitable for Induction Cooktop Ja
Non-stick Coating Honeycomb PPG
Pan Diameter 28.0

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