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This orange cast iron casserole of 28 cm from COMBEKK is an excellent choice for various cooking methods, such as slow cooking, stewing, roasting and more. This casserole belongs to the Sous-Chef series of COMBEKK.  The Sous-Chef range can be recognized by its more subtle design and three striking colours: red, orange and black. It is interesting to know that this pot was invented in the Netherlands in the 17th century. The frying pan is made of 100% recycled cast iron and has a strong enameled non-stick coating , which makes it very robust in addition to its robust display on your stove. Since it consists entirely of cast iron, it is quite heavy. However, if you maintain it properly, this frying pan from COMBEKK will do decades along. As long as you don't drop it on the floor, you can enjoy this casserole for years. The frying pan is available in two sizes (24 cm and 28 cm) and in three colours: red, orange and black. The casserole with a capacity of 5.3 L has a diameter of 28 cm and is suitable for all heat sources, including induction, the oven and open fire.

Clean before use
After removing the pan from its packaging, wash it thoroughly to remove all dust and particles. Use paper towels or a clean tea towel to thoroughly dry the pan after washing and rinsing.

While cooking
A small amount of butter or oil is all that is needed to prevent food from sticking to this casserole. We recommend not using nonstick cooking sprays as this can lead to a build up of residue which can damage the pan. When cooking, it is best to use cookware materials such as wood, silicone, plastic or nylon spoons and spatulas.

Cleaning and storage
To ensure the preservation of the pan, you should handle it with care. For example, let the pan cool down completely before you wash it. Extreme temperature changes can damage the non-stick coating and even cause the pan to crack and warp. After the pan has cooled down, you can put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand with a soft sponge or brush and some washing-up liquid.

Always use a pan protector to keep this casserole safe when you plan to stack it. Do not stack frying pans without protection, but use a pan protector or hang them on a hook in your kitchen.

A COMBEKK pan is always a good choice
All in all, this cast iron casserole from COMBEKK is a high-quality, durable and versatile choice for serious cooks looking for a reliable pan for a variety of cooking styles and dishes.

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Available in different colours
Available in different sizes
Made from 100% recycled iron
Strong 1-layer enamel coating

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COMBEKK - Sous-Chef Casserole 28CM - Orange

COMBEKK - Sous-Chef Casserole 28CM - Orange

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Brand Combekk
Model Sous Chef
Warranty 2 years
Material Cast iron
Handle Cast iron
Color Orange
Weight 5200g
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 12.0
Amount 1
Suitable for Induction Cooktop Ja
Non-stick Coating enameled
Pan Diameter 28.0

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Born to impress and change the cooking world forever. Combekk makes durable, high-quality cookware. The first and only brand to use certified recycled materials in all our items. Known and loved for the introduction of the first 100% recycled Dutch Oven in 2015. COMBEKK is made by and for gourmets.
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