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Combi deals

At KookGigant you benefit from substantial discounts when purchasing a combi deal. For example, if you buy a knife set in combination with a knife block, you will receive a substantial discount on the knife block. View all combi deals below.

Knife set with knife block

You often need more than one knife in the kitchen. Each knife has a different function and is useful for a different task. By purchasing a knife set you always have the right knife at hand.

We have knife sets of all different sizes and sizes, with a matching knife block or magnetic knife holder you can immediately store your knife set in a safe and stylish way. This combination ensures a real one in your kitchen!

You can choose from different combinations. For example, go for a magnetic knife holder, a magnetic knife holder for the nut or a wooden knife block with a handy sharpening function.

Prefer to buy a separate knife set? View all cooking giant knife sets here .

Maintenance knife set

To maintain the quality of the knife sets, it is important to maintain the knives properly and treat them carefully. We recommend cleaning the blade by hand using warm water and a mild detergent. This prevents the formation of oxidation spots on the blade and ensures that the kitchen knife stays sharp longer.