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The Kuro Ceramic Sharpening Rod 25cm from Satake, an essential tool for every kitchen, ensures that your knives always stay sharp. A dull knife not only makes cooking more difficult, but also more dangerous. With this sharpening rod you can easily and quickly return your knives to their original sharpness, so that cutting becomes effortless again.
This edition of the Kuro series has been finished with great precision. And is characterized by its sleek finish and wood-colored handle.

Unique features and specifications:
  • Material: Made of high quality Ceramic, known for its durability and wear resistance.
  • Length: With a length of 25 cm, this sharpening rod is suitable for a wide range of knives.
  • Handle: Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable and safe grip while sharpening.

About Satake
Satake is a Japanese knife factory. Satake sharpening stones are known for their high quality and are often used by professional chefs, knife makers and sharp knife enthusiasts all over the world.

Maintenance and recommendations
To maintain the optimal performance of the sharpening rod, we recommend wiping it with a dry cloth after use. Avoid exposure to moisture to prevent rust formation. Regular maintenance ensures that the sharpening rod will last for years.

Order your brand new sharpening rod today
Ready to take your cooking skills to the next level? Order your Kuro Ceramic Sharpening Rod from Satake now and maintain the perfect sharpness of your knives!
Safe handle
Easy sharpening due to a length of 25 cm

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Satake - Kuro Ceramic Sharpening Rod 25cm

Satake - Kuro Ceramic Sharpening Rod 25cm

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Brand Satake
Warranty 5 years
Color Brown
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Grain size 240

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