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The Overland outdoor kitchen knife from the Messermeister brand is a robust, versatile kitchen knife for outdoor use. This is the largest knife from the two-part Overland knife series. You use this knife to cut large vegetables such as cabbage or to cut large pieces of meat. The knife is equipped with what Messermeister calls a 60/40 blade grind. This is a type of sharpening where the blade is not completely ground flat. The knife therefore has a high back. This results in a robust blade with a nice weight. The point is designed in such a way that precise cutting tasks can also be done with this knife. Do you also want to carry the Overland chef's knife on your belt? We have a matching leather sheath from Messermeister for this.

Messermeister Overland series

A knife from the Overland series is ideal for survival or bananas through nature. In either case, you don't want to carry an arsenal of knives with you. You are in the right place with a knife from this series. From cutting vegetables and meat to making fire sticks for a campfire. It's all possible with a knife from the Overland series!

Materials Overland series

For the Overland series, Messermeister has chosen robust materials that can take a beating. The handles are made of grippy canvas micarta. This is a material that you often encounter on outdoor knives and survival knives. It is made of canvas and synthetic resin. This material retains its grip well. Even when there is moisture or fruit juice on the handle. Micarta takes over the traces of use, which ultimately makes the knife completely unique. Messermeister has taken Nitro Cobalt steel with a hardness of 62HRC for the blade. Characteristic of this type of steel is its excellent rust resistance and sharpness retention. The knives from the Overland series are made in Italy, unlike the other Messermeister knives that are produced in Germany.

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Messermeister - 20 cm outdoor Chef's knife

Messermeister - 20 cm outdoor Chef's knife

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Brand Messermeister
Warranty 1 year
Material Learn
Handle Micarta
Color Gray
Weight 358g
Dishwasher Safe No
Hardness 62 HRC
Sharpening Method Japanese cut
Edge Symmetrical
Height 3.0
Amount 1

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About Messermeister

Founded in 1981 by Bernd Dressler, Messermeister is a leading manufacturer of handcrafted premium chef's knives, kitchen cutlery and cookware, the brand of choice for everyone from professional chefs to home cooks. The California-based, woman-owned company with roots in Germany is committed to providing durable, high-quality chef's knives, kitchen accessories and award-winning culinary tools by scouring the world for the finest quality manufacturing and looking for value .
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