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The Lou Laguiole Canopee 24 piece cutlery set in a beautiful wooden jacket. This beautiful cutlery set belongs to the well-known Canopée collection by Lou Laguiole. The Canopée cutlery collection is known for its elegant finish , and its natural materials. This great cutlery set is made from high quality stainless steel and has a wooden finish. Order the Canopée cutlery set from Lou Laguiole today and experience the high quality and longevity!

A real pearl set!
The Lou Laguiole Canopée 24-piece cutlery set with wooden handles is a wonderful addition to any table. This cutlery is named after the famous French village of Laguiole, where the craft of forging high-quality cutlery has been practiced since the 19th century.

This set contains the following products: 

  • 6 forks
  • 6 knives
  • 6 spoons
  • 6 teaspoons

The cutlery is all made of high-quality stainless steel and features an elegant wooden finish finish on the handles. The design is inspired by the traditional shepherd's knives from the Aubrac region, for which Laguiole is famous. The cutlery is therefore made with the greatest care and attention to detail, resulting in a unique appearance.

Delicious in the hand!
In addition to the aesthetic value, the cutlery also feels great in the hand thanks to the curved handles and the perfectly balanced weight distribution. The blade is sharp enough to cut through any dish, while the spoon and fork are ideal for taking every bite with you!

A wonderful gift
The deluxe open window box that the set comes in enhances the beauty of this set and makes it a perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, housewarming or other special occasion. It is also a practical solution for storing the cutlery, keeping it neat and organized and extending the life of the cutlery.

The ideal cutlery set!
The Lou Laguiole Canopée 24-piece cutlery set in a beautiful wooden jacket is a combination of elegance and functionality. It is an investment in high-quality cutlery that will last for years and can turn every table setting into a luxurious experience. It is sure to make an impressive and memorable addition to any household, restaurant or eatery.

Choose this beautiful cutlery set today and enjoy your delicious meals tomorrow with this elegant cutlery set!

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Made of high quality stainless steel
Combination of modern and traditional
Durable & stylish
Includes basic cutlery only

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Lou Laguiole - Canopée 24-piece Cutlery Set - Wood

Lou Laguiole - Canopée 24-piece Cutlery Set - Wood

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2 year warranty

Brand Lou Laguiole
Model Canopee
Warranty 2 years
Material stainless steel
Color Brown
Dishwasher Safe No, better wash by hand!
Cutlery Finish Polished/Smooth
Height 3.5
Amount 24

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About Lou Laguiole

Lou Laguiole: a rustic look.
A well-set table is not possible without beautiful cutlery. The cutlery, steak knives and serving sets from the French Lou Laguiole give your table setting a rustic look. These items are an absolute must-have because of the authentic design and characteristic colors.
The Lou Laguiole cutlery combines traditional details with modern design.
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