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It Japanese Damascus Onyx Print Series – Paring Knife (9cm) by Shinrai Japan is a multifunctional Japanese knife. A good paring knife should be present in every kitchen. Paring knives are made for cutting vegetables and fruit into wedges, but are also perfect for peeling potatoes, apples and more!

The peeling knife has a hard blade making it much sharper than a traditional peeling knife, you will notice the difference immediately! Expand your cooking skills with a quality paring knife that ensures extreme precision.

  • Made of German high carbon steel
  • Hardened to 60 HRC Rockwell
  • Razor-sharp Santoku knife with a blade of 9 centimeters.
  • Comes in a luxury gift box
  • The best in its price range

German solidity in a Japanese jacket. Beautiful and unique Shinrai Japan knives.

People who cut a lot probably suffer from it sometimes. Knives that become blunt very quickly and blades where the cut food always sticks to the knife. But with the razor-sharp knives from Shinrai Japan, that is a thing of the past. The hand-crafted steel blade continues into a beautiful and comfortable handle.

All blades are extremely sharp. Due to the perfect balance, they lie comfortably in your hand. Cutting food has never been so much fun!

Handmade in detail
Because the knives are handmade, every time we can look closely at every detail. This way you get the best quality Japanese knives.

Perfect grip
The handles are made of high quality materials. This creates the perfect grip.
A second advantage of the blade is the crop. This does not extend all the way to the edge, but it clearly separates the handle from the blade. This provides extra safety while cutting, which is nice!

A beautiful gift
The knives are always delivered in a beautiful gift box. This not only ensures that the blades are protected on the go, but also that it puts a smile on your face when you receive it.

Shinrai Japan's knives are unique as most of them are handmade. Forged from German High Carbon steel, making the blades hard and very sharp. Beautiful and durable knives that cannot be missing in your kitchen.

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Shinrai Japan - Damascus Print Onyx Paring Knife 8 cm

Shinrai Japan - Damascus Print Onyx Paring Knife 8 cm

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Brand Shinrai Japan
Model Onyx Epoxy Damascus Print
Warranty 2 years
Material High Carbon Steel
Handle Pakkawood
Color Black
Weight paring knife (84 g)
Dishwasher Safe No
Hardness 60 HRC
Sharpening Method Japanese cut
Edge Symmetrical
Height 3.5
Amount 1

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