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This 20 cm SUS-Y Frying Pan is made of high-quality recycled stainless steel and is suitable for frying meat, vegetables, eggs and much more. Are you looking for the ideal pan for frying the perfect steak? Then this is the frying pan! The COMBEKK Frying Pan is designed for professional chefs, but is also suitable for home use. Thanks to the 6 mm thick sandwich base, the frying pan has perfect heat distribution . The frying pan made of recycled stainless steel is shiny silver. The handle is hollow, so oven gloves are not necessary when cooking. Suitable for any heat source, including the oven with a maximum of 180 °C.

Solid and stable stainless steel frying pan
The 6 mm sandwich base of the frying pan is made of 100% recycled, solid stainless steel and ensures that the heat is perfectly distributed. Thanks to the 3-layer bottom, this frying pan is very stable and will not easily tip over on your stove. In addition to the high frying pan, there are also 4 different sizes available: 20, 24, 28 and 32 cm.

Prepare for use
Stainless steel pans or pots are ready to use out of the box. Before first use, wash the pan in hot water with soap and a little vinegar to remove any oils.

While cooking
A small amount of butter or oil is all it takes to keep food from sticking to this skillet. We recommend not using nonstick cooking sprays as this can lead to a build-up of residue that can damage the pan. When cooking, it is best to use cooking utensil materials such as wood, silicone, plastic or nylon spoons and spatulas.

Clean after use
Always allow stainless steel to cool completely before cleaning. Extreme temperature changes can damage the pan and even cause the pan to warp. After the pan has cooled, you can place it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand with a soft sponge or brush and some dishwashing liquid.

Always use a pan protector to store this frying pan safely. Do not stack frying pans without protection, but use a pan protector or hang them on a hook in your kitchen.

A COMBEKK pan is always a good choice
All in all, this stainless steel frying pan from COMBEKK is a high-quality, durable and versatile choice for serious chefs who are looking for a reliable pan for various cooking styles and dishes.

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Suitable for any heat source
High quality recycled stainless steel
Dishwasher safe
Heat resistant handle

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COMBEKK - Frying Pan 20CM Recycled Stainless Steel SUS-Y

COMBEKK - Frying Pan 20CM Recycled Stainless Steel SUS-Y

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Brand Combekk
Warranty 2 years
Material stainless steel
Handle stainless steel
Color Silver
Weight 800g
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Height 6.0
Amount 1
Suitable for Induction Cooktop Ja
Non-stick Coating No
Pan Diameter 20.0

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Born to impress and change the cooking world forever. Combekk makes durable, high-quality cookware. The first and only brand to use certified recycled materials in all our items. Known and loved for the introduction of the first 100% recycled Dutch Oven in 2015. COMBEKK is made by and for gourmets.
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