Kerst 2023 How To: Creëer de Perfect Gedekte Kersttafel

Christmas 2023 How To: Create the Perfectly Set Christmas Table

In this Christmas How To, we share a guide to creating an enchanting Christmas table that will take your Christmas to new heights. This table will be the prelude to your Christmas dinner, which both you and your guests can enjoy.

Step 1: Preparation and planning

  • Consider the number of guests and select a suitable table for your Christmas dinner.
  • Make sure the table is clean and empty before you start setting it.
  • Make a list of supplies, including dishes, silverware, napkins, decorations and any thematic elements.

Step 2: Purchasing supplies

  • Visit stores for tableware, decorations and any additional items that will create the desired Christmas atmosphere.
  • Make sure the items you choose match the colors and theme of your Christmas dinner.

Step 3: Construction of the Christmas table

  • Start by laying out a tablecloth or table runner to create a festive backdrop.
  • Place a variety of plates, cutlery and glasses on the table. Think of starter, main course and dessert plates.
  • Add Christmas decorations such as candles, baubles, pine cones and other festive elements.
  • Consider the height and position of the decorations for a balanced look.
  • Place napkins in the style that matches your Christmas table.
  • Place the cutlery neatly on the plates or next to the plates, depending on your personal preference.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

  • Consider mood lighting with candles or decorative Christmas lights.
  • Provide enough light without overwhelming the Christmas spirit.
  • Add name cards for a personal touch to the table setting.
  • Place any small gifts for your guests in strategic places.

Step 5: Welcome and Enjoy Guests

  • Welcome your guests warmly and show them to their place at the beautifully set Christmas table.
  • Encourage your guests to enjoy the Christmas dinner and the cozy atmosphere.
  • Cheers to a festive and tasty Christmas celebration!

With this Christmas How To you can transform your Christmas dinner into an enchanting setting in which guests feel welcome and can fully enjoy themselves. Have fun and have a festive Christmas dinner!

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