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The beautiful salt stone serving board is an asset to any dish! The serving board is made from real Himalayan salt, this is a 100% natural salt from Mother Nature herself. This salt contains a total of about 90 percent of various substances that our body needs.

The salt stone from the Himalayas gives your dishes a delicious "salty touch"! In addition, you use less salt than when you flavor the meal yourself.

  • 100% natural Himalayan salt
  • Unique addition to your dishes
  • Pure crystal salt without additives
  • An enrichment at the dining table
  • Stone size is 30x20x3 cm

Cooking with salt stone
A heated salt stone can be used at the dining table to prepare small pieces of fish or meat. For larger pieces of fish or meat, the salt stone can be placed directly on the heat source. Do you use an oven? Then you can also place the salt block here.
The salt block can be heated in different ways and retains the temperature for about 20 minutes.

Use of the Salt Stone

BBQ: heat the salt stone to a low temperature. After about half an hour, the heat can be increased. Leave this for 45 minutes and the stone is ready to be used.

Oven: do not preheat the oven, if you do, there is a risk of bursting. Place the stone in the oven at 60 degrees and increase the temperature every 20 minutes for 1 hour until you reach the desired temperature. The stone can be used in the oven up to a maximum of 220 degrees.

Stove: the salt stone plate can be used on all types of stoves. Do you cook on induction? Then use an induction transformer plate.

Maintenance of the salt stone

The better you maintain the stone, the longer it will last. After the stone has cooled, it can be rinsed and dried. It is not necessary to use detergent as salt has an antibacterial effect. Do not put the stone in the dishwasher either.

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Satake - Salt stone shelf with handles

Satake - Salt stone shelf with handles

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Brand Satake
Warranty 2 years
Material Saltstone
Handle Yes
Color Pink
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 5.5
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Non-slip holder true

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