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The [TITLE] of [BRAND] is the pinnacle of precision and craftsmanship, specially designed for the gourmets among us who have mastered the art of filleting down to the last detail. With this knife you can transform any fish or piece of meat into perfect fillets, without waste. The slim, flexible blade effortlessly follows the contours of bones and skin, allowing you to work with extreme precision.
This edition of the [SERIE] series has been finished with great precision. And is characterized by [MENTION APPEARANCE CHARACTERISTICS, E.G.: its slim profile and the use of high-quality steel, which not only ensures an excellent cutting experience but also gives the knife an elegant appearance].

Specifications and unique features

  • Flexible blade : Specially designed for optimal flexibility, making cutting along bones and under the skin easier.
  • [TYPE OF STEEL + NUMBER OF LAYERS OF STEEL] : Crafted from premium [TYPE OF STEEL} for long-lasting sharpness and exceptional durability. Both sides of the blade are made of [NUMBER OF LAYERS] of the best [TYPE OF STEEL]. [ADD ANY RELEVANT CHARACTERISTICS OR STORIES OF THE STEEL TYPE + NUMBER OF LAYERS OF STEEL].
  • Ergonomic handle : The handle has been carefully designed for comfort and control, making long-term use no problem.
  • Precision cut : The thin blade provides minimal resistance, allowing you to cut and fillet very precisely.
  • Versatility : Suitable for filleting both fish and meat, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen tools.

A wonderful gift
The perfect gift for the home chef who loves razor-sharp knives and ultimate convenience.

[NUMBER OF YEARS] year warranty
Full of confidence in the quality of the [BRAND] water sharpeners, we offer a [NUMBER] year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

Maintenance and recommendations
To preserve the fillet knife, we recommend washing the knife by hand with mild soap and drying it thoroughly immediately after washing. Although the steel is of high quality, proper maintenance will significantly extend the life of the blade. Always use a suitable whetstone or other knife sharpener to keep the blade sharp.

About [BRAND]

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Take the step to masterful precision in your kitchen with the [TITLE] and experience the satisfaction of perfectly prepared dishes, every time.

Flexibel lemmet
Gemaakt in Zwitserland
Levenslange garantie
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Victorinox - Swiss Classic Filleting Knife Stainless Steel/Black 20 cm

Victorinox - Swiss Classic Filleting Knife Stainless Steel/Black 20 cm

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Brand Victorinox
Model Swiss Classic
Warranty Levenslang
Material RVS
Handle Polypropyleen (PP)
Color Zwart
Dishwasher Safe Ja
Hardness 58 HRC
Sharpening Method Plain edge
Edge Symetrisch
Amount 1

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Over Victorinox

Toen de oprichter Karl Elsener in 1884 zijn messenmakerij opende in Ibach, Zwitserland, wist hij niet dat het Zwitserse zakmes dat hij binnenkort zou maken een wereldwijd icoon van paraatheid zou worden, dat niet alleen zijn weg zou vinden naar het dagelijks leven, maar zelfs naar de ruimte.

In navolging van zijn erfenis als maker van het originele Zwitserse zakmes, vervaardigt Victorinox al meer dan 140 jaar met precisie en zorg doordachte producten.

Tegenwoordig is Victorinox een wereldwijd bedrijf met vijf productcategorieën: Zwitserse zakmessen, huishoudelijke en professionele messen, horloges, reisartikelen en geuren. Dit zijn de belangrijke mijlpalen in de geschiedenis van het bedrijf.

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