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Experience the true art of Italian design with the Ceppo Magnetic Knife Block with Cutting Board from Artelegno . This unique piece is the result of Italian craftsmanship and an eye for detail. With its soft lines and minimalist aesthetic, it exudes a timeless elegance that enriches any kitchen. In addition, it offers space 6 knives immediately blade length of 25 cm . The Ceppo knife block takes your cooking experience to a new level!"

A sustainable and safe choice
Made from high-quality solid wood, this magnetic knife block not only offers a stylish look, but is also fully recyclable. With a non-toxic finish and excellent stain resistance, you can go about your food preparations with peace of mind.

Stylish and functional
This luxurious walnut wood version, with a beautiful beech wood cutting board, adds a sleek and sturdy look to your kitchen. If you are looking for a classic look, choose the prestigious beech wood version with a walnut wood cutting board. Regardless of your choice, the Ceppo knife block will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen, from the simple to the sophisticated."

Organized and efficient cooking
Bring order and efficiency to your kitchen with this beautiful Italian item from Artelegno. With space for 6 essential knives, you'll have all your favorite tools at your fingertips. No more hassle with searching for the right knife. Create masterpieces in your kitchen and enjoy effortless cooking with this handy and stylish tool.

Handmade in Italy
Like all Artelegno products, this item also has the characteristic handmade finish of solid wood, which makes each piece unique thanks to the beautiful and ever-changing grain of the wood. The craftsmanship behind this product makes it a true Italian artifact of high aesthetic and functional quality. Since 1960, Artelegno has a wealth of experience in woodworking, respecting and enhancing the characteristics of this living material. Trust Artelegno for craftsmanship that will stand the test of time

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This durable and stylish knife block from Artelegno is not the only reason that KookGigant is the right place for you. KookGiant offers the 100% Smile Guarantee! Order your new cooking items easily and receive them super fast at your home. Feel the smile on your face as you cook with your new cookware!

Fully recyclable
Made of solid wood
Strong magnet
Cutting board does not have a juice groove
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Artelegno - Grand Prix Magnetic Knife Block Walnut Wood + Cutting Board Beech Wood

Artelegno - Grand Prix Magnetic Knife Block Walnut Wood + Cutting Board Beech Wood

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Brand Artelegno
Model Grand Prix
Warranty 3 years
Material Walnut wood
Color Brown
Weight 1800
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 32.5
Amount 1
Maximum Blade Length 25
Non-slip holder true

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About Artelegno

A company that is deeply rooted in its territory
Founded in 1960 in Premana, a small Italian mountain village, Artelegno is deeply rooted in the culture of craftsmanship that has characterized this village since Roman times.
In 2004, production was moved to the larger and modern facilities in Taceno.
A unique location, surrounded by a very beautiful nature that instills in the Fazzini family and in all members of the Artelegno team DNA the taste for beautiful things, the pride and respect for traditions and the importance of protecting our environment has taught.
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