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Meet the ultimate solution for stylish and safe storage of your knife collection: the [TITLE] magnetic strip from [BRAND] . An essential kitchen aid that combines design with functionality, so that your knives are not only well protected, but also become part of your kitchen decoration.
This edition of the [SERIES] has been finished to the utmost precision and is distinguished by [NOTE STRIKING EXTERIOR FEATURES OF THIS SERIES].

Unique features and specifications
  • Strong magnetic force : The magnetic strip has an exceptionally strong magnetic force, which keeps even the heaviest knives firmly in place.
  • High Quality [MATERIAL] : Made from [MATERIAL], known for its durability and beautiful finish. The magnetic strip fits seamlessly into any kitchen design.
  • Length and capacity : The magnetic strip is [LENGTH] cm long, which can accommodate [NUMBER OF BLADES] knives depending on their size.
  • Maximum blade length : Unlike other knife blocks, these magnetic strip knives have no limitation on the length of the kitchen knives that fit on them.
  • Safety and Accessibility : Designed to store knives safely away from children's hands, while still keeping them within easy reach for quick accessibility while cooking.

A wonderful gift
The perfect gift for the home chef who loves functionality and design.

[NUMBER OF YEARS] year warranty
Full of confidence in the quality of the [BRAND] knife magnetic strips, we offer a [NUMBER] year warranty on material and manufacturing defects.

Maintenance and recommendations
Maintaining your magnetic strip is easy. Wipe the strip regularly with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface. Periodically check the fixings to ensure that the strip remains securely attached to the wall.

About [BRAND]

Order today
Are you ready to put an end to the chaos in your drawers and give your knives the attention they deserve? Order your [TITLE] Magnetic Strip now and transform the way you store and present your knives!
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Global - G42/41 Knife Magnetic Strip 41cm

Global - G42/41 Knife Magnetic Strip 41cm

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2 year warranty

Brand Global
Warranty 2 years
Material stainless steel
Color Silver
Dishwasher Safe No
Amount 1
Maximum Blade Length 31

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About Global

Global kitchen knives were first designed in 1985 by creative visionary Komin Yamada. When Yamada was commissioned for this task, his mandate was to develop a series of knives that were truly new and revolutionary, utilizing the finest materials available and the latest manufacturing techniques.
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