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The Eurolux grill plate with stainless steel handles is the perfect choice for lovers of a delicious grilled meal. This grill plate offers a high quality. Made of aluminium, the grill plate is suitable for baking, roasting and keeping vegetables, meat or fish warm. You can also use the griddle as a warming plate, because of the good heat distribution and storage, the griddle stays warm for up to 30 minutes. The grill plate is equipped with stainless steel handles and has a spacious cooking surface of 41x42cm. The grill plate is suitable for all heat sources, including induction. The grill plate has a fully ribbed bottom, which gives the plate even more space for grilling. It has a thick MicroCERAMIC non-stick coating that is free of harmful PFOA.

Sturdy stainless steel handles
The Eurolux Grill plate is designed with sturdy handles that provide a safe and comfortable grip. You retain full control over the grill plate, without having to worry about clumsy or weak handles. Made of strong stainless steel (stainless steel) handles that are attached to the grill plate.

Suitable for the oven up to 250 degrees Celsius
The grill plate with stainless steel handles that is suitable up to 250 degrees Celsius in the oven. The Eurolux grill plate is the ultimate choice for lovers of grilled dishes who also like to experiment in the kitchen.

Perfect heat distribution
Thanks to the durable aluminum material of the grill plate, the heat is evenly distributed over the entire grill plate. This means that your dish can be grilled evenly without suffering from hot spots. In addition, the even heat distribution of the grill pan also helps you to cook more accurately.

100% Smile Guarantee at KookGiant!
This durable and professional grill plate from Eurolux is not the only reason that you are in the right place at KookGigant. KookGiant offers the 100% Smile Guarantee! Order your new cooking items easily and receive them super fast at your home. Feel the smile on your face as you cook with your new cookware!

Eurolux is the only German pan manufacturer where all steps of production actually take place in Germany. This ensures low CO2 emissions. Eurolux pans are provided with a thick LuxTec® non-stick coating. This coating makes it possible to prepare your food with non-sharp metal objects. Due to the black color, this pan has a better heat absorption, so that this pan heats up to 30% faster than other pans.

Below are some specifications about the Eurolux grill plate:

  • Length: 41 cm
  • Width: 24 cm
  • Height: 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 2500 grams
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Coating: MicroCERAMIC
  • Bottom thickness 9mm
  • max. temp: 250°C
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Eurolux Griddle with stainless steel handles 41 x 24 x 2.5 cm

Eurolux Griddle with stainless steel handles 41 x 24 x 2.5 cm

Sold out
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Brand Eurolux
Warranty 25 years
Handle stainless steel
Color Black
Weight 2500g
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Height 80.0
Amount 1
Suitable for Induction Cooktop Ja
Non-stick Coating MicroCeramic

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Over Eurolux

Eurolux produceert producten die 100% geschikt zijn voor alle merken inductiekookplaten en volledig in Duitsland worden vervaardigd, wat de CO2-uitstoot vermindert. Het merk voldoet aan strenge milieueisen en tijdens het productieproces wordt er geen afvalwater afgevoerd. De siliconen voetjes onder de grillplaten beschermen de kookplaat tegen krassen en zorgen voor stabiliteit. Dankzij de speciale bodem die meer energie absorbeert dan standaard bodems, bespaart de gebruiker energie en worden de pannen tot 30% sneller warm. Eurolux biedt 25 jaar garantie op het kromtrekken van de bodem. Bovendien zorgt de LuxTec anti-aanbaklaag ervoor dat er minder vet nodig is; deze laag is sterker en dikker dan die van de meeste andere pannen, waardoor ze langer meegaan.
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