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This Yaxell VG-10 Knife Sharpener has been specially developed for maintaining Japanese knives with the extremely hard VG-10 (HRC 61) steel. Recommended by Yaxell, this pull-through sharpener is essential for maintaining and sharpening knives with a VG-10 steel core.

Sharpen carefully
The VG-10 steel is extremely hard, but also brittle. Using too coarse abrasive grains can damage the blade. This knife sharpener has been carefully designed to prevent this.

Perfect for Japanese knives
Japanese knives have a different sharpening angle than European knives ( Japanese knives have a sharpening angle of 15 degrees). To keep your knife as sharp as new, we recommend using special knife sharpeners or whetstones. Manually sharpening knives on a whetstone requires a lot of knowledge and skill, which is why we recommend using this knife sharpener for sharpening your Japanese knives.

Choose convenience and expertise
With the Yaxell VG-10 Knife Sharpener you make preserving your precious knives a lot easier. Trust this sharpener to maintain the sharpness of your Japanese knives and enjoy a perfect edge every time.

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Yaxell - Knife sharpener for VG10 Japanese knives

Yaxell - Knife sharpener for VG10 Japanese knives

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Brand Yaxell
Warranty 2 years
Color Black
Dishwasher Safe No
Height 6.0
Amount 1
Grain size 400
Non-slip holder true

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