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Beautiful and unique Shinrai Japan knives. If you are a star chef then this is really something for you.

This very sharp Japanese deba knife is very suitable for cutting fish, sashimi, sushi, meat, vegetables and much more! Designed for filleting fish (bones and vertebrae) and crustaceans. To resist breakage, the blade is somewhat thicker than that of a carving knife and the edge is often sharpened on one side while the other side is made hollow. You can immediately recognize a deba knife by its special blade. It rises slightly at the top, and then runs with a considerable angle to the tip.

Cooking is a nightmare when everything sticks to your knife while cutting. Cutting with a dull knife will only make it worse. With the Shinrai Japan knives that is all a thing of the past.

Shinrai Japan's knives are unique as most of them are handmade. Both sides of the knife consist of 33 layers of the best Japanese steel. These layers are placed against a layer of VG10 steel , giving you a knife of 67 layers . This is also called Damascus steel. The production technique is centuries old and results in stronger and harder knives. This makes the knives indispensable for every kitchen.

All blades are extremely sharp. Due to the perfect balance, they lie comfortably in your hand. Cutting food has never been so much fun!

Handmade in detail
Because the knives are handmade, every time we can look closely at every detail. This way you get the best quality Japanese knives.

Perfect grip
The handles consist of high quality hard wood. This creates the perfect grip.

A beautiful gift
The knives are always delivered in a beautiful gift box. This not only ensures that the blades are protected on the go, but also that it puts a smile on your face when you receive it.

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Shinrai Japan™ - Deba sushi knife Ebony 18 cm

Shinrai Japan™ - Deba sushi knife Ebony 18 cm

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Brand Retired
Warranty 2 years
Material VG-10 Damask steel
Handle Ebony
Color Brown
Dishwasher Safe No
Hardness 62 HRC
Sharpening Method Japanese cut
Edge Right side
Height 6.0
Amount 1

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