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Shinrai Japan

The knives and accessories from Shinrai Japan are indispensable in the kitchen. Shinrai has several Japanese knives that are extremely sharp and comfortable to hold. This makes cooking easier and more fun. The knives are made by hand, so that every detail is taken into account and every knife is unique. They also have a high hardness, so that the blades stay sharp for an extra long time.

Japanese knives

Shinrai Japan's knives are forged from several layers of Damascus steel that are printed on a layer of carbon. These are mostly made by hand. Because the knives are made by hand, they are unique and every detail can be carefully examined every time. This way you get the best quality Japanese knives. Due to the high hardness of the steel, the knives are sharp for an extra long time.

Japanese knife sets

You often need more than one knife in the kitchen. Each knife has a different function and is useful for a different task. By purchasing a knife set you always have the right knife at hand. This way you can easily continue cutting without all ingredients influencing each other's taste. We have different knife sets with various compositions and quantities of knives. For example, we have 3-piece knife sets, 5-piece knife sets, 7-piece knife sets, but also a knife set with a knife stand. The large knife sets contain various knives with more specialized cutting tasks.

Combine your new Japanese kitchen knives with a knife block , so that it becomes a real eye-catcher and you can store them safely.

Knife set holder and knife block

Storing a knife in the kitchen drawer can damage the blade of the knife. A knife set holder is the perfect solution for this. You can store the knives safely and compactly together in a knife holder . Are you going for a magnetic knife set holder, for a knife block or for a knife stand? With some knife holders you also receive a pair of scissors or a sharpening steel. In addition to the appearance, it is important to determine how many and which knives you want to store. The amount of knives you can store varies from 3 to 5 knives. The type of knife that you can store in the knife block or knife holder also differs.

Japanese knives as a gift

The knives come in a beautiful gift box. This not only ensures that the blades are protected on the go, but also that it puts a smile on your face when you receive it. In addition, it is of course also very nice to give as a gift .

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