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Sharpeners, Cutting Boards & Blocks

It is important to properly maintain your knives. Keep your knives sharp with sharpeners and store your knives safely with our knife blocks.

Knife block

A knife block is ideal for storing your knives safely and compactly. This way you always have all knives neatly together. We have a wide range of knife blocks, varying from different materials. For example, go for Acacia wood, bamboo wood, solid wood, stainless steel, or for a stone fibreboard. The knife blocks are not only beautiful, but are also very handy!

Cutting board

A good cutting board is also seen as an extension of your knife, because it ensures that your knives can perform optimally. Because a good cutting board is so important, we have different types, materials and sizes in our range. For example, we have cutting boards in bamboo and acacia wood that you can use as a cutting board, but also as a serving board. We also have cutting board sets with cutting boards in different colors, so that you can easily separate vegetables, meat, fish and poultry.


Every knife gets blunter as it cuts. This means that cutting takes more force and the sliced ​​slices become less thin. Your knife should therefore be sharpened every now and then to keep it in top condition. This is possible with our two-sided whetstone, knife sharpening stone or with our knife sharpener.