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Since the days of the samurai sword, the sharpest blades have come from Japan. Also the Japanese Satake knives. Satake offers you a strong assortment with beautiful knives (sets)!

The Satake collection from KookGigant is a firm favorite with many professional chefs, including Swedish top chef Håkan Thörnström. Satake knives are a dream to work with and are very easy to maintain! No wonder the razor-sharp Satake knives are so popular.

The Satake collection is top shelf in quality and beautiful looks! The design is well thought out and provided with a razor-sharp edge ground at 15 degrees. Furthermore, the knives are light as a feather and will last for generations if you maintain them properly. Don't be afraid to receive many compliments once you have purchased the beautiful knives. The Satake kitchen knives are reasonably priced and suitable for every cooking job. Be pleasantly surprised by the many qualities of these beautiful knives.

The extensive 6-piece and 4-piece knife set are provided with a real Japanese Yen. If you give this luxury knife set as a gift to a loved one, it is tradition that the recipient returns the Japanese Yen. You do this in order not to have an accident in the coming period, according to the ancient legend from Japan.