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Knife block 2

If you are looking for a knife block, then you have come to the right place at KookGigant. Your precious kitchen knives are easily damaged if you place them loose in the kitchen drawer. You can prevent this with a knife block! A knife block ensures that you always have all your favorite knives at hand and that you immediately have a beautiful eye-catcher in your kitchen. Do you want to be ready for all cutting tasks at once? Then choose a knife set with a block. View all knife blocks below.

Knife block without knives

Your favorite kitchen knives can quickly get damaged if you put them loose in the kitchen drawer. That is of course a shame. Do you want to prevent damage? Then a knife block is the right solution. Do you already have a collection of kitchen knives or a complete knife set? Then you can opt for a knife block without knives . At the KookGiant we have a nice option for this: Stylish Magnetic Knife Holder Style 1 . This knife block is made of beautiful acacia wood and the strong magnet ensures that even the largest kitchen knives stay on the knife block.

Magnetic knife block

A magnetic knife block has a number of advantages. You guessed it: a magnetic knife block contains a strong magnet. This strong magnet ensures that every kitchen knife, from large to small, from heavy to light, can stay on this knife block. With a magnetic knife block you always have the right knives within reach.

If you are a fanatical cook, you may have a special knife set in the kitchen drawer, such as a Japanese knife set. Kitchen knives from a Japanese knife set are a work of art to see with their Damask steel blade and graceful handle. Such a beautiful knife set must of course be exhibited at all times. In combination with a magnetic knife block, your knife set will become a real eye-catcher in your kitchen! For example, choose Stylish Magnetic Knife Holder Style 1 in combination with a knife set .

The Stylish Magnetic Knife Holder Style 1 easily fits 6 to 8 large kitchen knives, more than enough for everyday cutting tasks in the kitchen. It is therefore important that you consider in advance how many knives you want to store on the knife block.

Knife block with knives

Do you want to give your kitchen an upgrade and a new set of kitchen knives? Then choose a knife block with knives, which kills two birds with one stone. Moreover, it is cheaper, because you can now benefit from high discounts at the KookGiant when buying a knife block with knives. The discounts go up to 50%. With a knife block with knives you are therefore economical and you protect your knives better against damage. Tip: with those high discounts, a knife block with knives is also a very nice complete gift to give.

Wooden knife block

A knife block made of wood is extremely popular due to its beautiful appearance. Because of this wood, the knife block often matches very well with Japanese kitchen knives. This is because these knives have different shades of wood in the handles. This makes it a beautiful whole and you create a real eye-catcher on your countertop. Do you have kitchen knives with a classic black handle? This type of kitchen knife also combines well with a wooden knife block. The knives will definitely stand out.

Universal knife block

With a universal knife block, it simply doesn't matter which kitchen knives you use. All knives can be combined with a universal knife block. A magnetic knife block is a good example of a universal knife block. All knives can be attached to this and the strong magnet keeps all types of kitchen knives firmly in place.