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Damascus knife set

Looking for a knife set with knives that are harder and stronger than regular knives? Then choose a damascus knife set. These Japanese chef's knives are made of damascus steel. This stainless steel is an amalgamation of two different types of metal, several layers of which are stacked on top of each other. A unique, handmade and sturdy knife set, with which you always have the right knife at hand.

Luxury Japanese Damascus knives

A damascus knife set consists of a set of different Japanese knives. Damascus steel blades are unique, as most of the blade is handmade. This age-old production technique uses different types of steel that are melted and folded several times. In this way, a high-quality knife is produced, which consists of no less than 67 layers of steel. By melting and folding, patterns become visible on the blade, which makes a damascus knife not only hard and strong, but also very beautiful.

Kitchen knives with a hammered pattern

A blade of a Damascus steel knife is often hammered or hollowed out. This is characterized by a pattern of dents. This means that you don't touch the knife while cutting food and you can, for example, cut raw fish or vegetables into very thin slices. The hammered pattern is therefore both stylish and practical and indispensable for every kitchen.

Handmade in detail

With the handmade damascus knife set, attention has been paid to every detail during production. This way you get the best quality knives. The Japanese damask steel blade continues into the beautiful steel bolster. The wood of the handle is made of sustainable wood and the handles are slightly convex and curved. This makes the handles comfortable to hold. A beautiful knife with the perfect grip. In addition, the handle is made in one piece, without rivets. This makes it completely maintenance-free and minimizes the risk of cracks or other damage.

A damascus knife set vs a regular knife set

Damascus knife sets are very popular and for good reason. The Japanese type of steel has a high hardness, so that the knife can be sharpened at an extra sharp angle. This makes the knife really razor sharp. Due to the high hardness of the knife, the blade can be made thinner. In combination with the light weight of the kitchen knife, you will experience more ease of cutting and precision. Moreover, due to the high hardness, the knife stays sharp for an extra long time. The Hammered Damast BR 5-piece Knife Set and the Classic Damast Black 5-piece Damascus Knife Set are one of the many CookGiant knife sets that are made of 67 layers of Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel with a hardness of 61 HRC!

A damascus knife set; the perfect knife for every cutting technique

A damascus knife set is a real plus for every home and hobby chef. This way you always have the perfect knife at hand and it is also cheaper to purchase a knife set than to buy each knife separately. In a damascus knife set you will find different knives. Each knife has its own function and is suitable for a different meal or cutting tasks that you use every day.

Damascus chef's knife

The basis of a knife set consists of a large chef's knife, usually 20 cm. Take the Damascus chef's knife Hammered Damast BR for example . No cutting task is impossible for this all-rounder. From cutting meat, fish and vegetables to finely chopping herbs.

Vegetable knife set

When preparing many vegetables, a Santoku or a Nakiri is a nice addition to your knife set. For example , the Epoxy Sapphire 6-piece Damascus Knife Set has both a Santoku and a Nakiri. The Santoku is suitable for all cutting tasks, but you can use it to cut a carrot or cucumber very quickly. A Nakiri is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife, this is the best kitchen knife for wafer-thin cutting of vegetables.

Knife sets for meat

If you like to eat meat, a carving knife should not be missing in your knife set. A carving knife is suitable for cutting meat into slices or cubes. You can recognize this knife by its long, thin blade and ensures that you effortlessly cut beautiful slices of meat in one stroke. The Damast Pakka Wood 6-piece Damascus, for example, has a beautiful carving knife.